The Basics of the Best Casino Table Games

best table game(s)

Table games make up the more glamorous side of a casino's selection. Yes, slots are fun, but you can't exactly picture James Bond feeding quarters into a one-armed bandit, right? Read on to find out some more about the best table games available to play at online casinos today.

Baccarat is Amongst the Best Table Games Online

Baccarat is a simple card game that dates back hundreds of years to Medieval Italy. The aim of the game is to reach a hand equaling nine. A player can bet in multiple ways, including on their own hand, on the dealer's hand, on a tie, or on all outcomes. In Baccarat, an Ace is valued at 1, and Face cards are zero. Should your hand exceed nine then the first digit is dropped, so, for example, a nine and another nine would actually be eight. The beauty of online Baccarat is its accessibility, in actual casinos it is often off the floor in designated "High Roller" areas, but when playing virtually, there are tables for all limits.

Poker is an Exciting Table Game for all Levels of Player best table game(s)

This is one of the most popular games in any casino, so much so that it has become a spectator sport in some cases. What makes poker one of the best table games is the large number of variations, as well as the player's influence in the outcome. Another great factor is that in live poker there is no house edge as you're only playing against other poker players. The casino makes their money here in either tournament fees, or a "rake" on the pot. A common theme on most poker variants is that players attempt to make the best possible hand on a combination of cards they are dealt and common cards laid on the table.

Many Consider Craps to be the Best Table Game in the Casino

Craps as we know it traces its roots back to early 1800s Louisiana, where the wealthy Bernard Xavier Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville brought back a game played in Europe called "Hazard". In Hazard, the player rolling the dice, or "Shooter" chose a number between five and nine as the main number, however to simplify gameplay, de Marigny made it so that seven is always the main number, and so, Craps was born. Craps is always a great time during live play, it's a fast-paced game of chance in which players place bets upon the outcome of other players rolling the dice. This game offers great odds, so while the lingo may make it seem a little intimidating to new players, it's really worth taking some time to learn how to play.

Glamorous Roulette is a Casino Favorite

best table game(s)

Roulette is a casino classic dating back to 18th Century France. The name Roulette comes from the French for "Little Wheel", and this is the first giveaway as to how this is played. The table features a spinning wheel with numbers from 0 to 36 marked upon it, the numbers are marked alternating red and black colors, except for 0, which is marked in green. The dealer spins the wheel and drops a small steel ball on to it. Players then place a bet on the outcome, they can bet on whether the ball will land on a specific number, a group of numbers, odd, even, black, or red. When playing Roulette online there are virtual and live versions available, giving you some great options.

Blackjack is a Simple Game for Beginners and High Rollers Alike

No list of the best table games would be complete without Blackjack. This staple of the casino floor also has a storied history, tracing its origins to 18th century France. The goal is to achieve a hand as close to 21 as possible. The dealer deals 2 cards to each player, and the players can choose to hold or hit. If hitting, the dealer will give the player another card. If a player goes above 21, they are "bust" and the dealer wins. If the player gets 21 (or closer to 21 than the dealer), the player wins. If the dealer lands closer to 21 than any of the players then the house wins.